The mission of the Company

With over 30 years of experience in the field of personal protection, there are few companies with the experience of “VML-Venancio Manuel Lamas, Lda.” to operate in Portugal.

The company, responds to the demands of the market, with products of the highest quality, sourced throughout the world by leading manufacturers of the brand as is the case of 3M, MARIGOLD, LEWER, MOLDEX, DAILYS, and a range of own brands already renowned for the competitive prices as is the case of the KOALA, and SAFEGUARD.

“The mission of the VML is to combine the quality for the price and work for the constant innovation in all the categories of products that it offers.”

The range of products available in the area of protection is wide, including safety footwear, gloves, respiratory protection, eye protection, protection working at height and signage.

Hygiene and safety are also a concern of this company, offering a wide variety of products and solutions to suit your needs.

Additional information – personal protective equipment s

As the NR 06 (regulatory standard), is considered as PPE any device or product, for individual use, used by the employee and intended for the protection of this, in order to eliminate risks that threaten the security and health at work. In this way, the company is required to provide to employees, free of charge, the equipment necessary for the protection of this, in a perfect state of conservation and operation, provided that, in the conventional measures do not provide total protection against work accidents or occupational diseases at work; while the measures of collective protection are to be implemented; and to cope with emergency situations.

It is right of the company, require the use of Ppe by employees during working hours, at the completion of training on the proper use and proper conservation, in addition to his immediate replacement, when it is damaged or expired. It is the responsibility of employees, use of correct PPE, and only during the work, keeping this always in good conditions of use and conservation.

It is in this sense that the company VML, Ltd commits to be your perfect partner, building a sustainable and secure future for your whole organization.