Print Date: 2023/06/01 - 09:32:13

Protective helmet ABS for Hercules

Product Information

REF: : CAPHE4007

Description: Protective helmet with ABS Hercules

The observations of "VML"

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0 kg


6 month(s)



Palminha steel

Protective helmet in ABS, the harness inside with 6 fixing points in polyethylene, the tapes in polyester and francalete polyester c/ support chin in polyethylene.

Other Specifications

The helmets are satisfactory against the following risks: - Impacts of objects such as stones, bricks, and objects of similar importance - The working temperature must be comprised between: -10ºC and +50ºC


White Blue Yellow

EEC standards

EN379:2012, Standard UNE-EN 50365:2003